About The Author

Kimin Tanoto

Hello there, my name is Kimin Tanoto! Many of you might have heard of me as a serial entrepreneur and a business leader who has founded multiple businesses in Asia and other parts of the world. Other than helping businessmen make important connections in Indonesia, I have focused most of my efforts in the past years building up Gunung Raja Paksi and my latest venture, Gunung Capital, to a reputable standing.

Stepping into business years ago, I’ve been on a constant journey of discovery and exploration. And as I wind the road to success, I’ve had the privilege of speaking to and meeting many supportive people who share the same values as I do. As an incredibly mission-led entrepreneur, my approach to business is always driven by a clear mission and solid purpose.


What I Truly Believe In

If there’s one thing I learned throughout my journey, it’s that the world needs changemakers to use the power of business as a force for good. While growth, profitability and all other immediate interests of an organisation are important, what’s more critical is ensuring that social impact is embedded into the heart of the business. When leaders like myself prioritise social impact and act on those goals, we can create a cycle with dramatically positive effects on the bottom line.
Giving back to the community is at the core of what I do and what I work for – which is why I will be turning my focus towards creating more policies and initiatives that will benefit the masses. With my expertise in building bridges for foreign businessmen looking to forage into the Indonesian market, I intend to use my influence and connections for the greater good in the upcoming years of my career in order to focus on giving back to the environment and the community.